R&K Logistics is the choice third party logistics (abbreviated 3PL) provider in the Midwest.  It is our commitment to provide reliable and cost effective truckload, less than truckload (LTL), storage and inter-modal services to manufacturers, distributors and shippers of all sizes throughout the United States and globally.

R&K Logistics provides businesses with an on-demand, web-based freight management system.  This is a centralized system that communicates load information.

Adhesives & Sealants
Agricultural Chemicals
Agricultural Production-Crops
Aircraft & Parts
Aircraft Engines & Engine Parts
Aircraft Parts & Auxiliary Equipment
Apparel & Other Finished Prods
Asphalt Paving & Roofing Materials
Auto Controls For Regulating Residential & Comml Bakery Products
Ball & Roller Bearings 
Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Rivets & Washers
Book Printing
Canned, Frozen & Preserved Fruit, Veg & Food Specialties
Canned, Fruits, Veg, Preserves, Jams & Jellies
Carpets & Rugs
Cement, Hydraulic
Chemicals & Allied Products
Coating, Engraving & Allied Services
Commercial Printing
Communications Equipment
Computer & office Equipment
Concrete Products, Except Block & Brick
Concrete, Gypsum & Plaster Products
Construction Machinery & Equip
Construction, Mining & Materials Handling Machinery
Converted Paper & Paperboard Prods
Cookies & Crackers
Costume Jewelry & Novelties
Cut Stone & Stone Products
Cutlery, Handtools & General Hardware
Dairy Products
Dental Equipment & Supplies
Dolls & Stuffed Toys
Drawing & Insulating of Nonferrous Wire
Drilling Oil & Gas Wells
Electric Housewares & Fans
Electric Lighting & Wiring Equipment
Electrical Industrial Apparatus
Electromedical & Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
Electronic Coils, Transformers & Other Inductors
Electronic Components
Electronic Components & Accessories
Electronic Computers
Electronic Connectors
Engines & Turbines
Fabric Mills
Fabricated Plate Work 
Fabricated Rubber Products, NEC
Farm Machinery & Equipment
Fats & Oils
Food and Kindred Products
Games, Toys & Children's Vehicles
Gaskets, Packg & Sealg Devices & Rubber & Plastics Hose
General Bldg Contractors
General Bldg Contractors - Nonresidential Bldgs
General Industrial Machinery & Equipment
General Industrial Machinery & Equipment, NEC
Glass & Glassware, Pressed or Blown
Glass Containers
Grain Mill Products
Heating Equip
Heavy Construction Other Than Bldg Const - Contractors
Household Appliances
Household Audio & Video Equipment
Household Furniture
Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts
Industrial & Commercial Fans & Blowers  Air Purifying Equip
Industrial Chemicals
Industrial Inorganic Chemicals
Industrial Instruments 
Industrial Process Furnaces & Ovens
Industrial Trucks, Tractors, Trailers & Stackers 
Jewelry, Silverware & Plated Ware 
Laboratory Analytical Instruments, Apparatus & Furniture Lawn & Garden Tractors Home Lawn & Gardens Equip       
Leather & Leather Products       
Lumber & Wood Products (No Furniture)       
Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Types       
Magnetic & Optical Recording Media       
Measuring & Controlling Devices
Meat Packing Plants
Medicinal Chemicals & Botanical Products
Metal Cans    
Metal Doors, Sash, Frames, Moldings & Trim
Metal Forgings & Stampings       
Metal Mining       
Metal Shipping Barrels, Drums, Kegs & Pails
Metalworkg Machinery & Equipment 
Mining Machinery & Equip
Mobile Homes       
Motorcycles, Bicycles & Parts       
Motors & Generators       
Musical Instruments       
Nonferrous Foundries (Castings)       
Office Furniture       
Office Machines      
Oil & Gas Field Exploration Services       
Oil & Gas Field Machinery & Equipment       
Operative Builders       
Ophthalmic Goods       
Optical Instruments & Lenses       
Orthopedic, Prosthetic & Surgical Appliances & Supplies       
Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Enamels & Allied Prods       
Papers & Allied Products       
Partitions, Shelvg, Lockers, & office & Store Fixtures       
Pens, Pencils & Other Artists' Materials       
Petroleum Refining       
Photographic Equipment & Supplies       
Plastic Material      
Plastics Products       
Plastics, Foil & Coated Paper Bags       
Poultry Slaughtering and Processing       
Power, Distribution & Specialty Transformers       
Prefabricated Metal Buildings & Components       
Prefabricated Wood Bldgs & Components       
Prepared Fresh or Frozen Fish & Seafood       
Printed Circuit Boards       
Printing Trades Machinery & Equipment       
Production of Aluminum       
Pumps & Pumping Equipment       
Radio & Tv Broadcasting & Communications Equipment       
Refrigeration & Service Industry Machinery       
Retail-Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supply       
Rolling Drawing & Extruding of Nonferrous Metals       
Rubber & Plastics Footwear       
Sausages & Other Prepared Meat Products       
Screw Machine Products       
Semiconductors & Related Devices       
Sheet Metal Work       
Ship & Boats       
Soap, Detergents, Cleaning Preparations Perfumes, Cosmetics       
Special Industry Machinery 
Specialty Cleaning, Polishing and Sanitation Preparations       
Sporting & Athletic Goods       
Steel Pipe & Tubes       
Structural Clay Products       
Sugar & Confectionery Products       
Surgical & Medical Instruments & Apparatus       
Switchgear & Switchboard Apparatus       
Textile Mill Products       
Tires & Inner Tubes       
Totalizing Fluid Meters & Counting Devices       
Watches, Clocks, Clockwork Operated Devices/Parts       
Water, Sewer, Pipeline, Comm & Power Line Construction       
Wholesale Goods       
X-Ray Apparatus & Tubes   
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